Brett Spurrier, PhD
Scientist & Software Engineer

700 Fellowship Rd
Santa Barbara CA 93109

I encourage and seek collaborations in any of my fields of interest:
computational biology and genetics, quantum biology, vaccine design, pharmacokinetics and drug design, structural biology, software development, or cryptocurrencies. Please contact me if you see an opportunity for collaborations.


Work Experience

OhMD, Inc.

Burlington, VT / Los Angeles CA, USA
2016 - Present

Senior Engineer

HealthTech Communication of the Future

  • Member of the small (yet powerful) 2017 launch team.
  • Developing a data driven health messaging system.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence bot development.
  • Mobile platforms as well as a full web platform.
  • Extensive Java and Node.js development.
  • Expert level usage of most Amazon Web Services (AWS) services.
  • Multiple technologies including: Couchbase, Kafka, and Cassandra.
  • Early phases, much more to come. Stay tuned.
  • Crushing it.
  • Consulting

    2015 - Present

    Data Science and Bioinformatics Consulting Services

    Computational biology results without lifting a finger!

  • Machine Learning algorithm design for biological applications.
  • Automated Small-molecule / peptide binding predictions.
  • Genetics-based therapy response designs.
  • Computational drug library designs.
  • Orphan and Off-label drug repurposing.
  • Big data analytics. Big. Huge.
  • Much more...
  • Quine Therapeutics

    Santa Barbara, CA
    2018 - Present

    Founder, Principle Scientist

    On Demand Virtual Therapeutics Screening

  • High-throughput virtual ligand screening (VLS) on-demand pipeline.
  • High-throughput reverse virtual ligand screening (RVLS) on-demand pipeline.
  • High-throughput virtual peptide screening (VPS) on-demand pipeline.
  • Computational drug library designs.
  • Orphan and Off-label drug repurposing.
  • CryptoML
    Los Angeles CA, USA
    2017 - Present

    Cryptocurrency Data Science Architect

    Passively automated, machine learned, cryptocurrency trading signals!

  • Built a custom set of ML Models to predict cryptocurrency price trends.
  • Results hosted at (deprecated since moving private).
  • Smart contract development withh Ethereum, EOS, and Hyperledger.
  • Under active development and collaboration.
  • Development of multiple algorithmic trading strategies.
  • Stirplate, Inc.

    New York NY, USA
    2015 - 2016

    Chief Science Officer (CSO)

    Full automated NGS pipelines at the click of a button!

  • Member of the small (yet powerful) 2016 launch team.
  • Developed a full service automated Genotype-By-Sequencing (GBS) pipeline.
  • Developing a full service automated DNA-seq pipeline.
  • Extensive Python development.
  • Multiple technologies including: RabbitMQ, Postgres, and Cassandra.
  • Involvement in raising capital.
  • GenePeeks, Inc.

    New York NY, USA
    2013 - 2015

    Lead Computational Biologist, Quality Assurance Manager

    Pre-conception genetic testing designed for healthy babies. Worked under the scientific advisement of Dr. Lee M. Silver

  • Integral in the development and deployment of the patented MatchRight® service.
  • Developed a validation test suite for the MatchRight® process.
  • Strong CNV analysis for genetic diseases resulting from discordant copy numbers.
  • Used BWA, Picard, and SAMtools for data alignment and processing.
  • Used GATK bioinformatics pipeline for variant calling and discovery.
  • Built experiments with machine learning tools to predict pathogenicity of DNA variants.
  • Built tools and algorithms to bridge the gap between genetic information and protein integrity.
  • Extensive Python development.
  • Extensive Java and Tomcat development.
  • Expert level usage of most Amazon Web Services (AWS) services.
  • Multiple databases including: MongoDB, Postgres, and MySQL.
  • Authorship on conference posters, publications, and co-inventor on patent(s).
  • Work has been showcased on CBS 60 Minutes and CBS Morning Show, October, 26, 2014.
  • 2013 launch team.
  • Director level.
  • Anywhere Games, LLC

    Brooklyn NY, USA
    2012 - 2016


    An experiment in creating a product driven company done right

  • Designed, developed, and marketed, cross platform turn-by-turn games for mobile devices.
  • Developing accurate, fast, computer vision algorithms for augmented reality and image recognition.
  • Released ChessAnywhere: a turn-by-turn chess game for iOS, Android, and WindowsPhone.
  • Beta release of Quine Vision: a cross platform computer vision framework that supports on-device augmented reality, image recognition, and object tracking.
  • Beta available for iOS and WindowsPhone. Android release coming soon.
  • Extensive C# and Xamarin technology use.
  • Extensive use and knowledge of Microsoft Azure Cloud platform and services.
  • Aushon Biosystems, Inc.

    Billerica MA, USA
    2007 - 2008

    Research Scientist

    Worked under the scientific advisement of Dr. John Austin and Dr. Antonia Holoway

  • Microarray printing design and studies (see publications below).
  • Development of applications for “reverse-phase” microarray protocols.
  • Development of applications for “forward-phase” antibody protocols.
  • Development of quantitative proteomic analysis protocols.
  • Collaborative efforts with Lahey Clinic (Boston, MA) for microarray studies.
  • Quality control for microarray distributions.
  • National Institutes of Health

    Bethesda MD, USA
    2006 - 2007

    Cancer Research Institute Award Fellow

    Worked under the scientific direction of Dr. Satoshi Nishizuka and Dr. Patricia Steeg

  • Investigated the signaling pathways and inhibitory properties of growth factors (EGF, IGF-1, and TGF–β1) on specific cell lines.
  • Use of high density "reverse-phase" protein lysate microarray assays for quantitative output.
  • Use of laser-capture microdissection for DNA, RNA, and protein profiling.
  • Common western blotting, immunoprecipitation, and immunohistochemistry assays.
  • Development of mathematical kinetic models for “reverse-phase” microarray time study output data.
  • Overall study of proteomics of cancer cell lines and tissue samples.

    Related skills


    C/C++/C# Coding

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    excellent knowledge

    excellent knowledge

    Rosetta Modeling Suite

    excellent knowledge

    excellent knowledge

    ICM Modeling Software

    excellent knowledge

    excellent knowledge

    Adobe Photoshop

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    Adobe Illustrator

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    Cloud (Azure/AWS)

    extensive knowledge

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    Unix Environment

    extensive knowledge

    excellent knowledge


    Brett Spurrier, PhD
    Scientist & Software Engineer

    700 Fellowship Rd
    Santa Barbara CA 93109


    New York University School of Medicine

    2008 - 2013

    PhD in Molecular Biophysics

    Laboratory of Dr. Xiang-Peng Kong

    • Original research in HIV-1/AIDS vaccine design and development.
    • Focused on designing vaccines targeting the variable loops (V2, V3, and QNE) of gp120.
    • X-ray crystallography of human HIV-1 antibodies and proteins.
    • Sequence and structure based analysis, optimization and engineering of protein modalities.
    • Development and use of high performance computing parallel tools.
    • High-throughput virtual ligand screening (VLS).
    • Molecular biology techniques including recombinant protein design, cloning, and expression.
    • Extensive use of molecular modeling tools, including Rosetta, ICM, HADDOCK, and more.
    • Written computational biology tools in C/C++/C#, Python, and more.
    • Completed the Masters of Science requirements in 2010.
    • Completed the Doctor of Philosophy requirements in 2013.
    National Institutes of Health/NYU

    Spring 2008 - Fall 2008

    PhD Graduate Student in the NIH/NYU Graduate Partnership Program

    Laboratory rotation under the mentorship of Dr. Daniel Appella and Dr. Ettore Appella

    • Characterization of custom designed Tat-TAR inhibitors for HIV replication inhibition.
    • Characterization of p53-Mdm2-WIP1 feedback cycles using reverse-phase lysate microarrays.
    Syracuse University

    2004 - 2006

    Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering

    Emphasis in biomechanical applications within the laboratory of Dr. Thomas Fondy. Also the lead software engineer of the Syracuse University Industrial Assessment Center under the direction of Fred Carranti, P.E.

    • Designed and built an ultrasound transducer specific to killing chemically treated leukemia cells.
    • Studied the effects of cellular multinucleation as directed by microfilament directed anti-cancer agents.
    • Studied Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems in conjuncture with alternative/renewable energy.
    • Modeled and simulated energy based control systems.
    • Wrote custom mechanical design software using MATLAB.
    University of California, Davis

    1999 - 2003

    Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelors of Science in Material Science

    Center for Information and Integrated Processing (CIPIC) under the direction of V. Ralph Algazi

    Brett Spurrier, PhD
    Scientist & Software Engineer

    700 Fellowship Rd
    Santa Barbara CA 93109


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    Mayr, L. M., S. Cohen, B. Spurrier, X. P. Kong, and S. Zolla-Pazner. 2013. Epitope Mapping of Conformational V2-specific Anti-HIV Human Monoclonal Antibodies Reveals an Immunodominant Site in V2. PloS one 8:e70859.

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    Spurrier, B., F. L. Washburn, S. Asin, S. Ramalingam, and S. Nishizuka. 2007. Antibody screening database for protein kinetic modeling. Proteomics 7:3259-3263.

    Brett Spurrier, PhD
    Scientist & Software Engineer

    700 Fellowship Rd
    Santa Barbara CA 93109

    Software and App Portfolio of Side Projects

    • CryptoML

      Forecast predictions of CRYPTOCURRENCY markets.

      Role: Sole Operator and Algorithm Scientist

      Description: Using data science techniques, and historical cryptocurrency markets information, I have designed and built an automated trading algorithm to help predict small trends in the cyptocurrency markets. To date, the algoritm has correctly predicted 95% of the called buy signals.

      view the CyptoML website

    • #GRQ

      Making genomic based Drug Discovery PERSONAL

      Role: Founder / Chief Science Guru

      Description: Merging genomics and proteomics to enhance and optimize personalized drug selection. Did you know a pharmaceutical drugs efficacy is radically dependent on your genetics? Well, it is! And this project can show you which and how drugs will work better for your body!

      view the #GRQ white paper (coming soon)

    • Roasting Plant Coffee POS

      Coffee the way you want it!

      Role: Solo indie contractor

      Description: Support and development of a custom Linux based point-of-sale (POS) system.

      view the Roastng Plant Webpage →

    • Quine Vision Mobile Image Framework

      Bring your apps to life with mobile visual searching and augmented reality

      Role: Solo indie developer

      Description: A cross platform, lightweight framework to enable your mobile applications to utilize cutting edge on-device image recognition, visual searching, and augmented reality. The drop-in SDK is easy to use, simple to manage, and cheap to maintain. For information, contact

      view the Quine Vision Webpage →

    • Digiback and Digiback Pro

      Apps for the photo generation

      Role: Solo indie developer

      Description: Digiback gives iOS users the ability to take full-resolution photographs using any combination of live filters. By combining the twenty adjustable base filters, users may create their own custom photo filters with a only few taps. These custom photo filters may then be saved into your app’s filter presets and applied to any future photos, or photos in their iOS photo album.

      download Digiback in iTunes → view app web page →

    • BestBuzz

      Social media concierge

      Role: Lead iOS developer, Lead Windows Phone developer

      Description: The best scanner for QR codes and barcodes, with consumer rewards BestBuzz is a free QR code scanner that lets you scan regular QR codes anywhere and scan BuzzCodes at local places to receive exclusive offers and rewards instantly. Also, share QR codes socially with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Foursquare social media networks.

      download BestBuzz in iTunes → view app web page →

    • Chess Anywhere

      Ultimate cross platform game of strategy

      Role: Lead iOS developer

      Description: Chess Anywhere lets you play chess with family and friends across devices! The simple, sleek interface makes it easy to play no matter what your skill level. Additional features are coming soon. Try it out!

      - Turn-based chess platform
      - Super-simple interface that makes chess approachable for any skill level
      - Game and move history with simple statistics
      - Receive notifications when friends make a move and play at your leisure
      - Facebook integration coming soon!

      download Chess Anywhere for iOS/Android/WindowsPhone → view app web page →

    • QR Code Reader

      Leverage the power of the 2D!

      Role: Lead iOS developer for version 1.0

      Description: Scans both QR codes and barcodes. Scans quickly and in real-time.

      - Support for scanning all kinds of QR Codes
      - Support for scanning Product Barcodes
      - Scan History (Including full-text search)
      - Sshare codes via SMS, Email, Twitter and Facebook
      - Save codes to your photos
      - Print QR Codes
      - Display QR Codes and Barcodes on screen

      download QR Code Reader in iTunes → view app web page →


    Personal Projects

    • Quine Mobile Visual Framework (Point. Identify. Lean. Augment.) More information
    • BrowserTV (Connect your television to the web and the world. Coming soon.)

    Personal Interests

    • Card magic and deceptions (Anyone want to see a card trick?)
    • Triathons (Swim. Bike. Run. Repeat.)
    • Brother Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes. 'Nuff said.)